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Flowtly is a tool used to manage employees and finances (related to employees, work cost and billing) in an organization, including: holiday management, working hours or employee’s documents management.


When you buy access to Flowtly, you can choose the single functionality you need for your business. Functionality of Employees is the basic module that is necessary for the other modules to function. Most functionalities have specific widgets on the Dashboard that are relevant to functionality information and/or statistics. All functionalities are connected into groups.

  1. Employee - functionalities for employees and HR representatives/ Admin. Human Resources (adding employee to system with option to edit, employee information, such as: type of contract, email address, phone number, bank account number, personal details, document management with current status of document, holiday request approval, holiday requests history and details, all employees overview, benefits, work schedule, option to check employee’s working hours and activities) Employee (holiday entitlement overview including days used and left, holiday request form, working hours details)
  2. Project tracking - functionalities for employees to record and manage time spent working on specific projects or activities. Administrator - adding clients and projects, time recording on behalf of the employee, adding project rates for individual employees, staffing - reporting of worked hours and FTEs. Employee - recording time spent on projects and other activities
  3. Finance - functionalities for employers to: manage costs of the company, manage bank accounts and currencies that company is operating in, invoicing, manage payments and debt collection, manage transactions.